Baby Girl Names I Love.. but won’t be Using


I’ve seen this name everywhere this year and I think its going to be a really popular one for girls in 2018.  I love how you can shorten Clementine to Clemmie, it sounds adorable!  Unfortunately it just doesn’t really go with the rest of our names and my other half hates it!!



I have a bit of a love for Harriet.  Its been one of my favourite girls names since I was small, I think its because I used to adore Harriet the Spy!  But of course my son is called Harry so Harriet for any future sister he might have is a no no!



I have always really liked the name Isabella, I think it sounds really beautiful and it could be shortened to Bella.  I can’t use the name though because my sister got there first and named her little girl Isobel and its just too similar!



A gender neutral favourite of mine is James, which a lot of people don’t seem to like.  I think its such a nice name for a girl and I believe Blake Lively’s daughter has that name!!  Annoyingly my other half doesn’t like it..



I’m pretty sure that every girl has a favourite Disney princess and one of mine is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty!  I would love to call a future child Aurora but it really is too “out there” for our family names!!


I would love to know what baby names you love??


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