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My growing lad Harry is 3 years old and still in nappies.  This really bothered me for a while as I felt secretly judged by other mums who thought maybe he was too old to still not be potty trained.  However I now know that he just hasn’t been ready in the past when we have tried, and why should I push him into doing something he just wasn’t mature enough to be doing.


As a Huggies Pull Ups Ambassador, I am going to be following their 6 Steps to Potty Success and documenting our journey for you all to see!


Let me give you a bit of background to our potty training story so far.  We have loosely tried to encourage Harry to use a potty or the toilet a few times now.  At first he got quite excited about it all and was proud and happy when he had done a wee wee on the potty.  However when it came to knowing when he needed to go he just had no clue.  As soon as he would have an accident he would get so upset and just want to wear his nappy again to the point that he would scream and cry until he could have his nappy back on.  I suppose it was like a comfort to him and he didn’t like the thought of being wet and having an accident, he was scared

We decided to give the whole thing a break and just leave the potty around for him to use if he wanted to try, but without the pressure from us.  Sometimes Harry will randomly take himself off to the bathroom and sit and do a wee on his potty.  He will then run and tell us what he has done, however he would just want to put a nappy straight back on again.  This is why I think that using Huggies Pull Ups is going to be a real help for us and maybe give him a little bit more comfort than going straight into pants.  As well as the fun Disney Cars design their is a steering wheel graphic on the front that disappears when your little one has had an accident.  So you can encourage your child to keep the steering wheel there, i.e. staying dry!

Huggies have very kindly sent us a box of goodies to help us along on our potty training journey.  The box includes everything we would need for a successful potty training journey.

We received:

A Potty

A Step

Huggies Pull Ups Training Pants

Huggies Pull Ups Night Time Pants

A Timer

Huggies Soft Touch Wipes



As well as the box of tricks, Huggies sent us their 6 Steps to Potty Success plan which is designed to make potty training simple and less stressful.  Children who have a good positive potty training experience are more likely to have greater self-confidence, feelings of self-control, and overall sense of achievement



Check if you’re Ready

Don’t base this decision on the age of your little one because there really isn’t a perfect age.  Things like showing interest in the toilet, telling you when they have been, being able to pull their pants up and down – these are all signs of being ready.  We have been leaving the potty around for Harry to get used to seeing it and using it which I think has really helped us to see if he is showing any signs of being ready.


Step 2:

Say Goodbye to Nappies

As I said Harry loves his nappies, its almost like a comfort to him so when it comes to saying goodbye to them we are going to introduce Huggies Pull Ups to ease him into the whole process.  He is going to absolutely love the Disney Cars design on these which will hopefully encourage him to wear them, and they are just like pants, flexible sides and easy to put on and off.  The unique layer in Huggies Pull Ups helps your child to feel wetness for a brief amount of time so that they can recognise that they have had an accident.

The little pants (which I think are totally adorable) are for when he feels like he is ready for them.  I’m planning a special shopping trip with him so he can pick out his own pants as well, to make him feel like he is in control

Step 3:

Start practising

Like anything practice makes perfect!  There are going to be accidents so you need to be prepared for that.  Its not wrong for your child to have an accident either, its all part of the learning process.  I find thatbHarry likes to use the potty completely alone which i am totally fine with.  Yes it could get messy but its a step in the right direction and I don’t expect him to be able to do it all correctly just yet.  We are going to try out the timer sent to us by Huggies and set it for every 40 minutes, and when it goes off we will take him to the toilet to see if he can go.  I think this will help remind Harry to go and will also help me keep track of how often he will need to pee!


Step 4:

Learn Wet from Dry

Learning wet from dry can be tricky for toddlers.  We are going to do a few sensory type games filling the tray that Huggies have sent us with water to play with it, talk about how it is cold and wet and then filling it with something soft and dry to show the difference.  I think this is something Harry will respond to really well especially if we keep reminding him that its nicer to be dry than wet.

Step 5:

Be Consistent 24/7

Mastering staying dry in the daytime is hard enough but night time can take a lot longer.  Children sleep quite deeply especially younger ones so it can be really hard for their bodies to wake them up to go to the loo meaning they will wet through.  Don’t push yourself to get your child dry at night time it really is a developmental thing more than anything.  The Huggies Pull Ups Night Time Pants are perfect for going to bed as they are extra absorbent with increased protection so you don’t need to worry about the accidents.

I think its important that once you start using training pants that you stick with them, and using the Pull Ups Night Time Pants is a great way to do this.

Step 6:

Keep Up The Great Work 

Keeping up the consistency and momentum of potty training is really important to help avoid regression.  I don’t want Harry to lose interest once we start so I am making a bright and vibrant reward chart to encourage him to stay dry.  I have already bought a couple of sought after toys as a little goal for him to reach if he can stay dry for a certain amount of time.


So there you have it, the 6 Steps to potty training!  I am pretty nervous as our previous experiences haven’t been so easy but I’m going into this really positively and I think using Huggies Pull Ups this time around is going to really help us get Harry dry!!  I am going to document our potty training journey from day 1 until he is hopefully dry – at least in the daytime anyway, so you can see an honest account of how we get on!


The Huggies Pulls Ups range is getting a whole new look, as you can see in the image above.  You also get more pants per pack so they are great value for money.  These will be available in store very soon!

To start your 6 Steps to Potty Success journey, find expert advice from Dr Heather and more potty training tips visit www.pottytraining.co.uk.

*this blog post and video was sponsored by Huggies Pull Ups but all opinions are of course honest and entirely my own

You can find my first video on our potty training journey here..

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