You may have seen in my previous blog post that we had started potty training our three year old son Harry.  As Huggies Pull-Ups® ambassadors we followed their 6 Steps to Potty Success plan and our little lad is finally dry!

I wanted to share with you some of the tips and tricks that helped us to potty training Harry as well as letting you know how we got on with the Huggies Pull-Ups® potty training pants.


Say Goodbye to Nappies

This is one of the important steps in the 6 Steps plan.  We made a huge song and dance about saying goodbye to baby nappies and hello to pants.  We spoke a lot about this happening a couple of weeks before we started to potty train to get Harry used to the idea and he was actually very excited to throw out his nappies in the end!


Play at Home

This one isn’t for everyone, but we decided that staying home for a good solid 3 days was going to be the easiest thing for us.  It gave Harry the comfort of knowing where the nearest toilet was and I wasn’t panicking about accidents whilst out and about.  I made sure we had plenty of activities to do, like painting, baking and playing out in the garden.

Huggies Pull-Ups

I definitely agree that Pull Ups training pants are a great transition into actual pants.  I truly believe that using them was the key to our success this time around!  The day-time pants have a learning feature which allows your little one to briefly feel wet when they have an accident, before drawing the wetness away. As soon as Harry realised it wasn’t nice to be wet he came around quickly to the idea of doing his wees and poos in the toilet.


Prep for Accidents

You need to expect there to be accidents.  Prep the house with a spare potty, tissues, anti bac and wipes so that you can clean up any mess quickly.  We didn’t make a huge deal or tell Harry off if he wet himself we just made sure that he was aware of what he had done and we forgot about it quickly.


Continuous praise

We constantly praised Harry for doing his business on the potty.  We went totally over board with it and would cheer and smile and cuddle him lots so he knew we were so proud of him!  This continuous praise was something that he loved and it really made such a difference.  We also made sure that friends and  a huge fuss, FaceTime, showed friends and family


Reward  Chart

Some people don’t like the idea of reward charts but ours worked so well for us.  I made mine myself it was super easy to do!  Every time Harry used the toilet he would gain a star for his chart and if he got a certain amount of those stars he would get a prize.  Don’t worry it soon wears off and they forget about it so you won’t be buying prizes forever!!   You may however have to accept they are going to perhaps be a little spoilt and eat chocolate for a couple of weeks!


Night Time Pants

As I mentioned in my previous post for Huggies, it’s important to be consistent in terms of training pants.  We used the Huggies Night-Time Pull-Ups® and Harry loved wearing them as they looked the same as his day time training pants (they don’t have the learning layer and are super absorbent).  These ones have a moon and stars wetness indicator on the front so that if he wet in his sleep they would disappear.  We actually forgot to put his night time pants on one night and found that Harry was dry all the way through the night and he has been dry ever since!    I didn’t push for dryness through the night it was just something that seemed to happen by itself.


I can very happily say that we are now on Step 6 of the 6 Steps to Potty Success!  We are keeping up the momentum with loads of praise and stickers and we make sure we tell everyone what a big boy Harry is now he is using the potty.

I can’t praise Huggies Pull-Ups® enough.  I really think using them was the key to getting our little man dry.  They make potty training fun, without huge amounts of pressure for parents or child and they have given him so much independence, being super easy to pull up and down.  I am so glad I waited until he was ready, it has been so easy compared to the first time we tried.

I would highly recommend checking out the Huggies Pulls Ups website www.pottytraining.co.uk for the 6 Steps plan and lots more advice from their expert, child psychologist Dr Heather Wittenberg.

I would love to hear your potty training experiences and if you have tried using Huggies Pull Ups, let me know in the comments section!


*this blog post and video was sponsored by Huggies Pull Ups but all opinions are of course honest and entirely my own

You can find my video on our potty training journey here..


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