5 Autumn Flat Lay Props | How to Style an Autumnal Instagram Post


Instagram is by far my favourite place to post content.  I have fallen in love with photography but not just of my family and friends, I really love putting together the ever popular flat-lays.  I’m really not sure when flat lays became a “thing” but all of a sudden they were all over my Instagram feed and I just love putting them together and posting the final photo.

So without further ado, I’m going to share with you my top 5 Autumnal flat lay props to style an Instagram post!



Having a decent background is key to a good photo in my eyes.  You want a background thats going to make whatever you’re focusing your photo on pop.  I tend to steer towards white or light grey backgrounds but during Autumn its nice to warm it up with some browns, oranges.  I use simple wallpaper samples from DIY stores for my backgrounds – which of course cos nothing but do need replacing often!  You could invest in a proper background from the likes of Capture by Lucy which I think I will do at some point in the future.



I always like to add a bit of texture to my photos especially in Autumn and Winter.  It adds cosiness and breaks up your photo.  Again I find this a really cheap easy way to jazz up a photo as I just use a blanket, scarf or even a tea towel!!


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights again add cosiness to Autumn and winter posts.  I have some on a copper wire which I find the best to use as you can manipulate the wire to bend exactly how you want it to.  You might need to adjust your camera settings to work out how much glare or shadow the lights give off.


Autumn Leaves

I picked these faux leaves up after seeing Makeup Savvy posting about them!  They were an absolute bargain from Ebay and came in a huge pack of about 100 leaves!  i went for reds, yellows and oranges but they also do brown and green leaves which would work so well in a Spring posts too!  I tend to just scatter a couple around in a photo without overloading it but I definitely think they add such a good touch to my photos.


Autumnal Mug

For this particular flat lay I decided to make the focus a mug of hot chocolate.  I loaded it with marshmallows and stuck it in the middle of my other props and it really brought the photo to life!  Obviously you want to use props that fit into whatever it is your posting about so a mug might not always work for you but I do find that adding a cup of tea to most of my flat lays just makes them more homely and fits them in comfortably to my feed


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post or found it helpful if you’re looking to up your “flat lay game”!  Do let me know in the comments section if you would like to see more posts like this from me!



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