13 Bucket List Things to Do Before School Starts

In September 2018 my little man Harry starts his very first year at school and it feels huge!  I can’t believe the almost 9 pounder I gave birth to is now a real boy, ready to start his education journey.

I work three and a half days a week as well as doing all my blogging and social media so fitting in quality time with Harry is already becoming less and less frequent but I am determined to tick these 13 things off our before-school-bucket-list.  In fact I’m going to print the list out and stick it to my fridge to remind me to get it all booked in before we’re tied to the strict timings of school!

London:   Although Harry has been to London a few times its been to see friends or to events so I’m thinking the Natural History museum, the Science museum pr perhaps a London bus as well as taking a trip to feed the birds at Trafalgar Square.

Beach: My Mum lives right next to the beach but we don’t often go so it would be nice to spend a few days down there with her and enjoying the good old British seaside (including fish and chips out a paper bag!)

Cinema: Harry absolutely loves the cinema and I find it quite an easy activity as its not as full on or an entire day so I’m hoping for some good kiddy films to come out over the holidays

Picnics: This one is cheap and easy, all I need is a blanket and a field and perhaps a ball for us to kick around!

LegoLand:  Hopefully we will get an offer code somewhere as tickets for this place are so expensive but Harry is so desperate to go!  I remember having the best time there when I was little getting my driving license in a lego car!

Bowling: I’ve never actually taken Harry bowling!  I think Harry would really love it, and I think his Daddy would too!

Swimming Lessons:  Harry’s not had any official swimming lessons but loves the water so I think its time to sign him up and get him swimming without his arm bands!

Go Out for Dessert: We have a dessert shop near us and I think it would be really fun to just go out for a big ice cream sundae one evening

Learn to ride a bike:  We are just about to buy Harry his first proper big boy bike so I think a big thing this summer will be learning to ride it

Make an Epic Den: Now we have a nice big new garden it would be fun to make a giant den in it and get some snacks and toys and play inside it!

Trampoline Park: Now I’m not sure if my pelvic floor will enjoy it, but Harry really likes trampolining so I’m going to take him to our local trampoline park one day

Caravan Trip: Luckily my sister and mum both have caravans so I think we will try and do a long weekend in a caravan over the summer

Go abroad:  I’m not sure if we will achieve this one with the wedding and hen/stags but I’m going to try and fit in taking Harry somewhere on a plane for some sun and swimming!


Whats on your bucket list before your little one starts school??  I would love some more ideas!!

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