5 Things to Watch on Netflix

You guys seemed to really love my post about recent books I have been reading so I decided to share my second favourite passion.. watching a good series!! I am often seeing tweets and Facebook statuses asking “what should I watch on Netflix” so here are 5 things I have recently watched!


Thirteen Reasons Why

Probably first on my list for a reason.. I loved it!  The series revolves around high school students in a high school scenario.  Clay and his friend Hannah Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide.  A box of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah before her suicide details thirteen reasons why she ended her life.  Each person who receives the package of tapes was involved in the reasons for killing herself.  I know, it sounds dark.  But there is humour and love as well as a harrowing tale of bullying and sexism.  I found it so true to life that its quite scary but I thought it was an amazing way to communicate with teenagers who are perhaps suicidal themselves or to spot the signs of a friend being that way.  Loved it.



We have literally just finished Ozark and I’m still trying to get over the fact that its finished and not on again for at least a year!  The series is based on Marty Byre (Jason Bateman) a financial adviser who gets mixed up with a Mexican drug lord on a money laundering scheme gone wrong.  He uproots his family to live in the Missouri Ozarks in order to try and make the money he owes back.  This series was totally not what I expected at all.  Its actually got so many comical moments in it that you almost forget some of the chilling intensity of Marty being involved with a Mexican drug ring!   Its one of those series that gets better with every episode and by the season finale we were quite literally on the edge of our seats, it was explosive!!


Black Mirror

I am a bit late to the party with Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, I think its been out for a while now but for some reason I missed the boat when it was on TV.   It centres around dark and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly modern technologies and the way our world could easily go in the not too distant future.  Each episode is totally standalone, meaning it has a different story, setting, characters and even time period.  That is about all I can say about Black Mirror because the episodes are so different, but I really loved it.  I enjoy futuristic but possible stories a lot and every episode has had me on the edge of my seat (or even hiding behind a pillow!!)


Gossip Girl

I absolutely could not compile a list of Netflix favourites without mentioning Gossip Girl!  Probably one of my favourite series ever is this totally unrealistic portrayal (i think) of New York’s upper class teens, following their high school to college social lives.  They are “haunted” by an online presence called Gossip Girl who spills their darkest secrets, turning one another against each other in every episode!  Its cheesey, but it really is the best AND the fashion is unreal!!



This is my new guilty pleasure and one I completely binged my way through during a particularly nasty sick bug last month and its back for a second season now!! This American high school series is based in a town called Riverdale.  Its based on the Archie comic books so everyone has real 80’s names like Betty, Veronica and of course Archie.  Its very Twilight-esque but not in the supernatural sense and totally unrealistic but the way its filmed is something I really love and you can’t not watch every episode!


What are you watching on Netflix??

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