Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Did you know that October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month?

1 in 8 women and 400 men are diagnosed with this horrible life threatening disease every year in the UK. There are some amazing charities out there, offering amazing support for sufferers but also serious tips on prevention of the disease as well.  But today I want to focus on CoppaFeel!

If you have stumbled across this post and didn’t know already, I am off to Oman in November 2017 to take on a gruelling trek through desert and mountains with the awesome Giovanna Fletcher and Mario Falcone.  We are raising money for CoppaFeel! and so far I have raised over £5000 which feels incredible but I want to do more!!!

Coppafeel! are all about prevention.  They aren’t out there trying to find a cure for breast cancer but they are trying to spread awareness of the disease and get women AND men checking their breasts.  Quite frankly not enough of us do.  Whether that is because we forget to check or because we simply don’t have the knowledge to do it properly, I just don’t know.

I have popped an easy guide to getting to know your boobs below.  CoppaFeel!  offer an SMS service which will text you when you need to check your baps, I mean how easy is that!?



This isn’t a sponsored post, I feel passionate about this charity and the fact that breast cancer can be so preventable if we just get to know our boobs a little better.

If you would like to donate to my charity trek you can do so here..


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