I’m Getting Braces! | What to Expect at Your First Appointment

For as long as I can remember I have hated my teeth.  In fact my teeth put me off even considering to put myself on camera and start a YouTube channel.  I know, it is silly and it is vain but it’s just my insecurity.  So for that reason I am getting braces!


I haven’t taken this decision lightly and the cost is pretty astronomical but I shopped around and actually found a price that is affordable for me for the results I want.


I have decided to go for Invisalign.  If you haven’t heard of them, they are a removable brace made of plastic that fit very tightly to your teeth.  You receive a number of trays, depending on your treatment length, which are all slightly different to eventually move your teeth to your desired position.  Mine will most likely be up to 18 months of trays as I do have quite severe overcrowding.  You wear the trays on top and bottom for at least 22 hours a day giving you 2 hours to eat and drink anything that isn’t clear.  You can only drink water when wearing Invisalign and for obvious reasons you can’t eat any food.  For me I think that’s a small sacrifice and I’m hoping it will actually make me snack a lot less!!


Now, everybody seems to have a different experience at their first Invisalign appointment but I thought I would give you an overview of what to expect if you are looking at booking a consultation.  I chose to go with dentistry company Finest Dental for my treatment.  I did a ton of research on them and a friend also recommended them after having some amazing work done there.  Their prices seem a lot cheaper than previous dentists I had researched but they are real and they are a reputable dentists with fantastic reviews.


When I arrived, I had to fill in a short form about medical history, standard.  I was then greeted by a lovely dentist called Charlie who sat me down for a chat about what it is I want to achieve with my teeth.  He did recommend that I sway more towards fixed Damon braces but I explained that I really didn’t want to go down that route because of YouTube and the fact I’m getting married in 9 months.  After ruling fixed braces out he offered me a 3D scan using an Invisalign machine.  It was like a long probe that he scanned every dimension of my teeth with – now this didn’t hurt a lot but it was very uncomfortable especially because I have a tiny mouth!  He then showed me a 3D image of my teeth which to be honest made me cringe!!


So here it goes.  This is my teeth now

I KNOW.  A lot people have said they didn’t realize how wonky my teeth are but without my lips covering them you can see that they are pretty all over the place


But here is what my end result will look like.

Again, I KNOW.  Amazing right?  The difference is huge and I was so shocked and pleased when I saw this simulation on screen.  I wanted to cry!  If you have an issue with your smile then you will know how it feels to know it can be fixed.  I was sold there and then after seeing that scan and immediately signed up.


So my prescription has been sent off and is the hands of Invisalign (which I believe is in California somewhere!)  They will come back within a week or so with a full treatment plan and video showing my smile changing over the months.  If I am still happy to go ahead they will make the trays and they should be with me within 10 days to 2 weeks from then.


Charlie said I will need a few bits of dental work done to prep my teeth for the trays.  This includes having some attachments put onto a few of my teeth.  These are for Invisalign to clip onto and keep them really solid in place.   I will also need a tiny bit of filing between each of my bottom teeth to allow room for movement.  This is mainly because I still have two baby teeth that never wanted to leave my mouth!  I am told that the filing is totally pain free but I am yet to confirm that!


So that is the stage that I am at and I couldn’t be more excited to get started with my Invisalign journey!  I have been watching a ton of videos and reading endless blog posts and I have heard nothing but positive reviews.

Have you had Invisalign?  Do you have any tips for me??


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