I’m Going on an Adventure


I’ve always watched and admired anyone who has taken on a charity challenge and i’ve donated from the comfort of my cosy living room.  But not this time.  This time I’ve taken an absolute leap of faith and signed up for a mountain trek in Oman to raise some hard cash and breast cancer awareness for the amazing CoppaFeel!!

If you don’t know already, my fiancé Scott was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancerous brain tumour which he had successfully removed in 2015 with surgery and radiotherapy.  He is super fit and healthy now and basically kicked the sh*t out of cancer.  His fight inspired me to want to raise money for a cancer charity so when this opportunity arose and I got my place, it all just felt like it was something I was meant to do.

I also have a beautiful friend called Asha who’s breast cancer fight is still very much ongoing.  She has been given a limited time here on this earth but she’s putting up a massive battle and is determined to stick around.  I know that one of her biggest wishes is for us all to be checking our boobs regularly and possibly preventing something that could cut our lives short.

I’m doing this for Asha, for my fiancé, for anyone who is battling or survived breast cancer.  Also as Channel Mum will be my official sponsor, I’m doing this for all the mums out there!!!

To say I am terrified would be an understatement.  This challenge will be physically and mentally so hard but thats the point in a challenge right?!!

Please sponsor me and support CoppaFeel! and #TEAMBOOBS by following the link below.  Every single penny helps me to reach and hopefully smash my target!!!


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