A Little Life Update

I feel like I’ve fallen out of love with blogging but I’m really not sure why.  Probably because our ever moving digital world has shifted over to video content more than written.  I’m a busy mum with two jobs and writing isn’t something that can be done on a whim for me.  I need to be in the zone, with the right head space and of course most importantly I need to have something I feel passionate enough about to blast out a blog post on!


I don’t think I would ever stop blogging though and I really want to get back into the habit of documenting our life again on a digital page and not just on YouTube and Instagram


So here is my first proper life update of 2018.


First up, the most important thing happening in Lucie’s world right now is that we are moving house!!  It’s all relatively stressful and up in the air but any day now Scott and I will be exchanging on our second ever home together which feels very grown up and exciting!


I adore our current home.  I fell in love with it the minute I stepped through its Georgian door.  I remember so clearly seeing a pile of toys in the corner, family photos on the wall and knowing this house was where I wanted to bring my baby (then bump) home to.  We moved in 4 weeks before Harry was due to enter the world and luckily he was another 2 weeks past gestation because we basically gutted and renovated the whole thing.  We had a beautiful kitchen built which is one of my favourite rooms of the house and I spent 4 weeks bouncing up and down on a medicine ball with a roller in my hand painting my little boys nursery.


That house however hasn’t always seen the happiest of memories.  Our bedroom will always be the room we cried ourselves to sleep in after finding out Harry was deaf.  It’s the room my fiancée had a seizure next to me in and an ambulance driver basically had to break down our door.  As much as those things make my family what it is today I think as long as we live there I would still see flickers of memories of those moments.


The main reason for us moving though is simply because we have outgrown it!  It is three bedrooms but of course they are full to the brim – in fact bursting out the seams!  Simple things like not having a driveway has just started to grate on us and we desperately need a garage to store scooters, bikes, footballs and plastic crap!


Our new home is still in the same town that Scott and I grew up in, in fact it’s a lot closer to where I actually grew up which feels ultra-nostalgic and homely.  It is also a 2 minute walk from my sister/my bestie which I adore, I can’t wait to have my nieces popping in and out a lot more than they are able to now.  It’s on a quiet road where I can imagine Harry playing out on his bike in – some of my favourite memories from my own childhood.


Apart from moving there isn’t much going on.. apart from obviously planning our wedding!!  I can’t wait to share it all with you, but I’ve decided to keep most of the posts about it for after the wedding as I don’t want to spoil anything we have planned.


Anyway, I hope you can forgive my lack of blog posts.  I know a lot of you still pop over here to see if I have written, and I promise I will try and be a better blogger this 2018!!


As always I like to round up with a little question.. so my question is – what is your top tip for moving home??  I am definitely going to need a few!!!


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