Memorable Fathers Day Gift Ideas | with Snapfish

Now my son Harry is a little older he is starting to understand the concept of occasions like birthdays and Fathers Day.  This means that he can finally give me a helping hand in picking out what to buy!

We have the help from Snapfish and some lovely little personalized gifts this Father’s Day!   We have done photo albums before so I wanted to get something a little bit different and I was s surprised to see that you can now get things like blankets and cushions made using your photos and text on the Snapfish website.

I asked Harry what Daddy loves most and he said having a cup of tea, his giant house plant and cuddles so we came up with a few ideas that incorporated all of these things into some really cool keepsake presents.



Firstly, we found a free botanical design online which we uploaded onto the Snapfish website and we decided it would make a brilliant print for a cushion.  After easily adding some text on top to say “cuddle me” our cushion design was complete.  It’s the nicest squishiest cushion we own, perfect for a cuddle on the sofa!




With Harry’s help I also created a set of personalised coasters which have some of my favourite photos on them.  I used a pre-designed template, drag and dropped my photos and added little captions – it took all of 5 minutes!  Now every time Daddy has a cup tea he can see photos of our little family and remember the fun memories we have had.

The creative tool on the Snapfish website is so simple to use.  It allows to upload photos from various different social media platforms as well as from your hard drive.  That feature is perfect for me as I store all of my best photos on Instagram!  It will then store them in albums allowing you to access them at any point and use for multiple personalised items


Here are examples of what you can do with your design:

  • Designs: You can use a pre-designed templates if it suits you instead of starting a project from scratch
  • Layout: Layouts vary per product, but there are various available
  • Text: Add some text to help caption the moment
  • Backgrounds: You are able to select different patterns, designs and colours for backgrounds
  • On the Go: The website is tablet and smart phone friendly enabling you to create gifts on the go.

IMG_8668 2


No fathers day is complete without a personalised card, and this one was made using my favourite photo of the two of them.  There is a ton of different layouts and themes to choose from.

I really love the idea of photo gifts and things that are really personal and unique.  Snapfish are very kindly giving you a 40% off discount code using GIFT4DAD at the checkout


**Thank you to Snapfish for kindly working with us to create this post and some really special gifts for Scott this Fathers Day!

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