The Little Things #1

I am always banging on about concentrating on “the little things”, those moments that are fleeting and probably would go almost unnoticed  if you didn’t sit back and take note of them.  So I thought I would start a little series on my blog just for those moments.  Sometimes its easy to get caught up doing product reviews and major life updates so its nice to share with you a few photos and things that happen that make me laugh, smile or cry.

Here is today’s, “The Little Things”


Sometimes I forget that Mr H has been through cancer and brain surgery.  We very rarely take photos together but when we do it makes my heart physically hurt with how much I love him!  CHEESY I KNOW!!  But when you come close to losing somebody every single photo is completely cherished.
My sister has a new dog, her name is Ellie and she is utterly adorable!  She is a Golden-doodle and only 10 months.. she is already the size of a mini horse!!  Harry was petrified of her when they first met but now he loves her and wants to kiss and cuddle her all the time!
Harry was on a bouncey castle over the Easter weekend and his cochlear implants came off his head (they stick on with magnets).  He popped them back on himself but then stopped in his tracks as he realised he had put them on the wrong sides, meaning he can’t hear anything!!  I watched him from the sidelines then switching them over and smiling to himself once he could hear again.  It was the CUTEST thing!!!
Harry also had his first experience holding a bunny rabbit and the delight on his face was so adorable to see!!  He was beaming from ear to ear and wasn’t scared at all.  He is such an animal lover.. unlike his mama!!
I would love to know what “Little Things” you have noticed with your little ones or your family lately!!
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