23 Week Update

How far along?  23 weeks

Total weight gain:  I think I am starting to gain a little more weight on my legs, arms and bum now šŸ™ Wahhhh!  It was going to happen though and I do need it to balance me out and stop me from toppling over with all the bump!  Harry must have had a growth spurt this week though as my bump is just getting bigger and bigger!  

Maternity clothes?  Again nothing new, but I did pop into Primark this week and get a couple of new tops both in size 10 to give me a little growing room!  You can’t really go wrong with Primark as the price is so good that even if you only wear things a few times its still well worth the money
Stretch marks?  None but I can feel a bit of stretching pain in my belly button so I think I am going to get some there!  Still using Bio Oil and Mama Mio Belly Butter and I’m going to purchase some Burts Bees Mama Bees Rub when those have ran out

Sleep:  My sleep quality has been much the same this week, its very hot so I’ve been restless and waking up often and still having bizarre dream.  last night I dreamt that my sister bought GIANT rabbits like the size of tigers and that she was still breastfeeding my 8 year old niece!

Best moment this week:  We bought a few little things for our new house we will soon be moving in to so that was really exciting!  

Worst moment this week:  Aches and pains
Miss anything?  I am starting to miss being skinny!!
Movement: He doesn’t stop moving from 8am to 11pm these days!  Its like he is having a party in there! He keeps sticking something out right over on my right side every so often which looks totally weird!  I think its either his head or his bottom and its so freaky to watch!!
Food cravings:  Cold Coke still and Terrys Choccie Orange.  I am also really enjoying stilton at the mo!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  When Harry is extra active and stick his head/butt out that makes my tummy churn a little!

Gender: Boy!!
Labor signs: None
Symptoms:  I have now started to get the dreaded bad back.  I have never had a bad back in my life but all this extra weight is definitely putting strain on it and I need to get myself a massage ASAP!  I think the heat maybe not helping and I can’t find any position to ease it, it just constantly hurts!  I feel sorry for Mr H as I am just moaning all the time about it and demanding that he rubs it better!!
Belly button in or out?  Ahhh the belly button question!! My belly button has been easing its way outwards all week and today it actually feels like its going to pop!!  I think it may last another week or so but it hurts from the pressure and just wants to get out of its little inny-self!!
Happy or moody most of the time?  I have been feeling quite happy this week!  I love the sunshine, even if I am uncomfortable in it and I just keep getting little pangs of excitement about becoming a mummy!
Looking forward to:  Again I just cannot wait to move into our new pad!

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  • Reply saz carvy 21/07/2013 at 7:51 pm

    Im 24 weeks due on the 09th of November! I reckon my baby is going to come on the 16th as my first two were a week late! although im far from size 10 clothes especially in pregnancy! Enjoy moving!

  • Reply admin 22/07/2013 at 12:25 pm

    Aww congrats!! I have a feeling I will be a couple of weeks late for some reason.. ! xx

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