26 Week Update

How far along?  26 weeks and 1 day! EEK (i think i will eek every week now lol)

Total weight gain:  Bump is growing all the time!  Still just outwards! I’m going to fall over any day now

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new.  I purchased a few non-maternity things last weekend just to spruce myself up a bit.. they won’t fit for long but I figure they will fit me again one day!  I am loving Zara right now they have some amazing pieces in there. I had a bit of a meltdown today though.. Nothing to wear and I felt crap and my hair wouldn’t go right! I cried.
Stretch marks?  None but I can feel my skin stretching and its really really itchy now which makes me think they must be on the horizon.  I have been having baths with a few drops of Bio Oil in which makes me skin feel lush and using the Original Cocoa Butter Formula morning and night. I have this quite deep purple little tiny mark above my belly button that I think is a stretch mark developing šŸ™ but it may just be a vein I can’t really tell! 

Sleep:  Yep the tiredness is well and truly back.  I am just constantly exhausted and find i can’t stand for long periods of time anymore!  Everything feels like an effort and a chore and I hate it!! I am usually quite an energised person and I am just so sleepy šŸ™

Best moment this week:  Last weekend a lovely friend of mine had a house warming party and it was really good to see everyone, including Sarah from Bump, Baby C and Me !  I never get bored of talking about babies and it was quite funny to watch everyone deteriorate via alcohol!  Sarah and I also had a teeny sneaky glass of Verve Clique which went down a treat!!

Worst moment this week:  Being told i STILL have the bladder infection!! Its driving me up the wall.  I feel fine and have no symptoms of it in the slightest but my urine samples keep coming back infected.  I hate taking all these anti-bitotics as I feel like I shouldn’t be taking anything in case it harms Harry (even though the doctors have assured me they won’t)  
I am also feeling quite moody this week.. my hormones are all over the show and my skin is not playing ball! I feel ugly and grose and just want to curl up and cry šŸ™
Miss anything?  I miss my skin being spotless!!!!
Movement: Harry is constantly on the move so the other day when i didn’t feel a single kick until lunchtime i was freaking out!  I think this is pretty natural for a mother-to-be and it drives me up the wall! I can’t wait till he is born so at last I only have to look at him to know he is ok!
Harry also decided to kick me particular hard at 6am on Saturday morning which was not ideal! I was suddenly so awake and had to wait another 3 hours to get up so I didn’t disturb Mr H!
Food cravings:  Terrys Choc Orange again and my super friend Jennie bought me a whole one this week that I indulged in this weekend!!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I have actually been feeling nauseas all week, a little like how I felt in the first trimester.  I am not at all sure why but thinking it may be hormone related or maybe Harry is laying funny!?  Who knows!

Gender: Boy!!
Labor signs: None
Symptoms:  My back is hurting a lot now šŸ™ it’s becoming a little unbearable! Definitely due to the weight on my front, it doesn’t seem particularly evenly distributed!  I have also been woken up to horrendous cramp in my legs which is so not fun!
My tummy is super itchy and nothing seems to help that
As mentioned I have felt really nauseous this week which has put me off food a little

Belly button in or out?  Pretty much the same as it has been the last few weeks!  I am wondering if it will actually pop out or just stay flat now!
Happy or moody most of the time?  I must admit I have been mainly moody this week šŸ™ which I hate saying when I am so blessed to be preggo!!! So I do apologise for this update as its probably my most miserable one to date
Looking forward to:  I’m not even going to say it because you all must know by now what it is…
OH and I am also looking forward to Sarah from Bump, Baby C and Me‘s baby shower next weekend!! Woop woop! 

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  • Reply The Duncan Adventures 11/08/2013 at 10:34 pm

    Aww you have a lovely bump!
    I'm now 14 weeks preggo and enjoying reading your blog for updates and handy tips on what's coming up for me.
    Take care, Heather x

  • Reply admin 12/08/2013 at 7:44 am

    Thank you Heather, congratulations on your pregnancy!! I am glad my blog is helping you :):) x

  • Reply Sj Clarke 14/08/2013 at 8:23 am

    Lovely bump… only 14 weeks to go … eeeeek!!!!

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