28 Week Update

How far along?  28 weeks – well and truly in the third trimester!

Total weight gain:  I have FINALLY weighed myself.. but now I wish I kind of didn’t!  I have put on over 1 and a half stone!  I looked at a preggo weight tracker online and it actually said I am bang on what I should be at this stage, but still looking at the scales and seeing it isn’t exactly the best feeling in the world!  My bump has definitely grown this week as well and is becoming rather heavy!  I was measured yesterday at my midwife appointment and the bump is 27cm which is just fine 🙂

Maternity clothes?  No new maternity clothes.. I am finding it hard to find anything that looks remotely flattering again! I kind of wish it wasn’t hot anymore so I can just wear maternity jeans and cute knits or something
Stretch marks?  Still using the Mama Mio boob lift treatment which I LOVE (review here) so none on my boobs, however I had a weird itchy rash on either side if my bump which i thought was the start of stretch marks, but this has disappeared today.  Still using Palmer Original Formula Cocoa Butter on my tummy and thighs

Sleep:  Sleep has been golden since I got my back sorted.. more on that below!  I have woken up a few times this week with a dead arm though which is weird!?

Best moment this week:  I saw an amazing osteopath for my sciatica and he sorted it out completely!  I felt like a new woman almost immediately and I am no longer waddling at all or crying in pain!  I would highly recommend seeing an osteopath if you are having back trouble, SPD or sciatica as it is worth the money and you are likely to only need 1 session.  If you live in Hampshire let me know and I will give you the details of where I went

Worst moment this week:  Our house buy has been delayed again and it is seriously draining the life out of me.  I have never been so stressed out!! We now don’t even have a timescale for when we will move and I am terrified we won’t have the house in time for Harry’s arrival

Miss anything?  I miss being not stressed out!!

Movement: Harry-bump is still super active!  Its so fun to watch his little limbs sticking out or move across my belly from one side to the other!  I had my 28 week midwife appointment and he was kicking her like crazy when she was feeling my tummy and listening to his heartbeat.  Its so nice to have such an active and quite clearly happy baby! We also took our bump to the movies last night and he went MENTAL in there it actually bece quite painful! I think the loud noises either scared him or stimulated him to bounce around! Either way he definitely knackered himself out as I didn’t get woken up by kicks in the night for the first time in a while! 
Food cravings:  Again nothing in particular this week and I still haven’t got much of an appetite – very unlike me!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I am still suffering from horrible nausea.  I think Harry is bouncing around so much its making my tummy confused about whether I am full or hungry!

Gender: Boy!!
Labor signs: None
Symptoms:  My energy levels aren’t too bad since my back has been fixed, probably because I am sleeping better. My skin is not so spotty this week as I have started using a little Savlon on my face and I’ve found this is helping to clear it up quicker 

Belly button in or out?  Flat/slightly in!  I wonder if it will ever actually pop out!?
Happy or moody most of the time?  I am happy.. but apprehensive about not being moved in before our little boy enters the world
Looking forward to:  Getting a move date..!!

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    You look fantastic! x

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    Ahh thank you kindly!! X

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