5 Tips for an Easier Car Journey with a Toddler

Timing – Try, where possible, to plan your car journey at nap time/bedtime.  I know this isn’t always practical especially when toddlers tend to nap in the middle of the day but if you can it really is so much easier to travel whilst the bubba is hitting the sack.  However when this isn’t possible try and get up and go really early in the morning when your little one is at their happiest and by the time you have reached your destination they will have forgotten all about being restrained in their car seat for so long.
Nuna REBL Car Seat* – Speaking of car seats, we are MASSIVE fans of the REBL Car Seat by the lovely people at Nuna.  It’s a brand spanking new model of iSize car seats and this snazzy thing spins a full 360 degrees making it ridiculously easy to get your little’un in and out of the car.  Its suitable from newborn with its cosy insert and has 3 seating positions so you can really adjust it to yours and your baby’s needs.  I have found the Nuna REBL really handy now Harry is a full grown toddler as he obviously is a bit of a chunk and I’m probably the weakest woman in the world!  The seat is a lot more upright than our previous one and its nice and high so H can watch the world whizz past on our adventures out and about.  There is a gorgeous range of colours available, we went for the coffee brown which I think looks really good quality, chic and a little less boring than your usual blacks and greys.
Technology – I don’t know about you but my toddler is obsessed with my iPhone, iPad, laptop etc etc so we always make sure Harry has some sort of tablet attached to the back of my seat so he is kept happy for at least 15 mins with his fave movie or an episode of Curious George.  I know this can be a funny subject for some parents who don’t like their little ones to watch too much TV but there are times when only telly will help, and this is one of them!
Snacks – Food bribery can work wonders but try not to overdo it with the sugary treats as you don’t want to give your toddler any more energy than they already have, with no where to go and burn it off!!  I like to give Harry little pots of Cheerios or dried fruit he can pick at and play with, plus it doesn’t matter if any of it goes on the floor as it’s so easy to clean up.  Also, take a non-spill sippy cup rather than free flow to avoid huge wet patches and water fights!
Clothes – I used to make the mistake of dressing Harry in his Sunday best on long journeys to see family etc and this was a fatal error.  Mainly because of the snack bribery, drink spillages, sweaty naps and crayons.  You can guarantee that at least one of those things is going to ruin that pretty dress or immaculately ironed shirt by the time you arrive.  Prep for this by having a travelling outfit, something light, comfy and that you don’t mind getting mucky – if all else fails just stick with a nappy!!
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  • Reply Kerry Dyer 12/10/2015 at 2:42 pm

    Timing is so crucial! Great tips Lucie 🙂 x

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