Its here and its beautiful.  Is it just me or is there so many more copper coloured leaves covering the floor this year?!

Last week we had a visit from Harry’s Nana who lives a short trip down the road in Christchurch.  We picked her up bright and early from the station and headed to one of my favourite places to take H to play, Active Tots.  Its a little soft play in a converted barn and comes complete with a garden and horses to wave at before you leave!  We spent a good couple of hours here, watching Harry launch himself down the slide and fight over toy cars!

After his nap (thank god he hasn’t dropped it just yet) we headed out on a walk to a local park and on the way we had a run around in the pretty coloured leaves scattering the ground.  It was so much fun!!  Luckily it was a nice sunny crisp day so the leaves were dry and we could bury our feet in them without getting all soggy!  It really was such a beautiful Autumnal day.  The only thing missing was some conkers, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find a single one!
Going for walks is one of my favourite activities to do with Harry, he can be in the foulest toddler-hormonal-rage and a breath of fresh air and a stomp around in his wellies will ease his mood instantly.  A cold walk also means I get to wear my new bobble hat from The Fur Bobble Shop – isn’t it lush!!!

It doesn’t surprise me that so many people’s favourite season is Autumn.  The thought of rushing home from work on a chilly evening to whack the heating on and snuggle on the sofa with my loves fills me with nothing more than happiness!

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