Deaf Kids Rock | 2 Years of Hearing


When I fell pregnant with Harry, I was so naïve.  I had worries of course but they were for all the “normal” things, would he have all his limbs, would he even make it all the way to 9 months gestation.  I never ever ever considered that my baby would be born without something I consider to be one of the ultimate senses.  I could not have guessed in a million years that my son would be born profoundly deaf.
Being told something as significant as that can really shatter a person.  We felt broken, I felt broken.  I was absolutely and utterly terrified for what Harry’s future would hold.  Would he have a fulfilled life, would he struggle at school and the ultimate question for me, would he ever hear me tell him I love him.
I spent an entire 42 weeks growing this little person inside my tummy, talking to him and telling him all of our hopes and dreams and the thought that he didn’t and possibly wouldn’t ever hear any of that split my heart right down the middle.
However, we had to pull ourselves together and focus on our boy wholeheartedly and without fear.  We had to make decisions around surgery for Harry that could have put his life at risk, a decision that meant he would either hear or he wouldn’t.
Little did I know that Harry being born without hearing would be one of the most incredible experiences we could have ever endured.  It completely shaped our lives as a team of three into something really quite special.
Harry really is like any other three year old lad.  He is a boys boy, he’s happiest when surrounded by cars, trucks and dinosaurs.  He is confident, loud, stroppy and completely pushes all of the buttons.  But he is chatting away more and more every single day and each time he comes out with a new word or phrase my face completely lights up and I couldn’t smile any wider.  The feeling of not knowing if my baby would ever hear, to him “blessing” me after I sneeze really is like no other feeling I have ever experienced.
It sounds so cliché but he really does light up something inside of everyone he meets with his charm and his baby blues.  I never look at him and feel sad or sorry that he is deaf, or has to wear equipment on his head to be able to hear.  I look at him and feel inspired, empowered and most of all insanely proud.
People like my son Harry show the world that there are miracles.
I’m forever grateful to be your Mama little bug, Happy 2nd Hearing Birthday  x
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  • Reply mummyc00l 05/03/2017 at 9:10 pm

    So nice to read this, I am sure you will have helped and continue to help others in the same boat with your positive outlook. Thanks for sharing

  • Reply Kim Carberry 06/03/2017 at 12:44 pm

    I know exactly what you mean by feeling inspired, empowered and proud. My girl is deaf in one ear. At times she struggles but she doesn't let her deafness hold her back. It sounds like your boy is doing so well and is just like any other 3 year old x

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