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    Hi Lucie,
    Congratulations on becoming a mum….I've enjoyed following your story. I agree that being a parent is overwhelming but rewarding.
    I had my second baby, a boy, 16 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks with him were a dream but then it got hard….he was diagnosed with reflux….he didn't just bring up a little milk, he brought so much up, he used to scream non stop, he would choke and struggle to catch his breath and it all made breastfeeding very hard so I had to switch to bottles. It was awful. He is now on 2 doses of Zantac a day which has had a huge effect. He barely brings up any milk, he doesn't choke anyone and cries a lot less. He still cries a fair bit though, but I think it's just that he likes to be held! I changed from a "gold" formula to a normal one last week as apparently the gold can be too rich….hopefully we will see in a week or so if this seems kinder on his
    tummy and settles him even more. Reflux is apparently one of the biggest causes of colic, so if that's what your doctor diagnoses, I hope my information/experience is of help to you.
    Best wishes, Kelly (I went to school with your sister) x

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    Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for your advice and your story!! It's so good to know other babies are having similar problems! Hopefully we can get some sort of help from the Doctor today xx

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    I'm sorry to hear poor little Harry has colic šŸ™ I can't offer any advice on it as Oscar never really seemed to bad with it, we just used to give him infacol before every feed and that seemed to keep him ok. We moved Oscar out of our room at about 10 weeks and it was a really good decision as we all sleep a lot better now and he just loves being in there! Your routine sounds so similar to how ours was when Ozzy was that old šŸ™‚ xx

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    Aww thanks.. Hopefully it will pass or we can get something to help!! I just feel sorry for him!! It's so much better having them in their own space isn't it! We still have trouble settling Harry but we think that's mainly due to the colic and his tummy giving him trouble! Xx

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    Seems like your getting into the routine of things! Sienna didn't have much colic at all, gripe water sorted us and it seems you are doing everything right, maybe he is taking the milk too fast and you could swap to a smaller teat? Sorry I am no help! xx

  • buy soma carisoprodol online madeline 11/01/2014 at 5:03 pm

    Hi lucie. Ive looked at your blog a few times. I know susie we went to chalk ridge together and our mums were friends. I had my little boy 2 days before you so am on the 6 week mark too and i agree it has got harder as taylor was in a routine but it just seems to have dissapeared now. X

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    Try infacol. It is for colic and it works magic. I used to give 1ml before feed to my girl and she also is on aptamil comfort.

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