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  • cheap carisoprodol online buy cheap carisoprodol 03/02/2014 at 11:11 pm

    This is really similar to how Oscar's routine was at Harry's age! I definitely agree on finding your own routine and that bottle and breast fed babies are really quite different. When Oscar got to about 12/13 weeks, we managed to drop the dream feed at 11 and he would go down from about 8pm to 6.30/7am which pleased us!
    It can be so confusing knowing what to do, especially if you've read not to do it etc – Oscar will only sleep on his back, he hates his front but apparently when I was a baby, I only slept on my front and I turned out fine, haha.
    Hope everything goes well for you all and Harry when he gets his hearing aids! xx

    Kat from how to buy carisoprodol

  • order carisoprodol carisoprodol uk buy 04/02/2014 at 10:41 am

    Every baby is different, definitely! I couldn't imagine putting Henry into his own room so young-he's still in with us at just over a year! Granted, it's mainly due to us completely renovating his room (electrics, plaster the whole lot) but I was also very worried about SIDs šŸ™ I read the recommended was 6 months as your breathing regulates their breathing or something like that. He's going into his own room this week, eep!

    We had no routine really- completely baby led. I fed on demand and it was only when he settled into his own routine reliably at 8-10 weeks did we begin to introduce a bedtime routine. He slept through 9-5/6 from 10 week still 6 months, then ever since then it's been a bit haywire. Usually he wants a feed,or it's his teeth or he's going through a mental leap/growth spurt but the past few nights he's only stirred so hoping this is him starting to sleep through. I loved all the snuggles and him being in my arms in those early months when, I hardly get them now he's off crawling and exploring šŸ™

    Hope everything goes well when Harry gets his hearing aids!

  • online carisoprodol carisoprodol online cheap 07/02/2014 at 12:13 am

    My boys always slept on his tummy as did I when I was a baby! Have you tried placing rolled up blankets either side of him? I still sleep on my tummy aha :0) I breastfed on demand, had him in a bedtime routine of bath at 6:30pm bed at 7:30pm and he slept through from day one. Wide awake pretty much all day aswell. I started weaning him onto solids just before he was 2 months old because he suffered mental constipation which we couldn't control with anything H/V's advised, they're useless. I went on my own initiative and gave him steamed pureed broccoli and sprouts & as soon as I did he begun pooing all by himself. Sod what H/V's say they follow a text book. As a mother, you know your child & his needs. Just have to ask though, does it make it harder having a baby with hearing aids etc? My little boys now 2 & still has similar routine he's always had, even though he started school a few weeks ago but he settled in straight away and never wants to come home lol

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