Pregnancy Favourites

Its been a while since I have done a pregnancy favourites mainly due to the fact they haven’t really changed, but the list has expanded!  So here is a round up of things I have been loving during the last few weeks
1. A mug of cold milk –  This has been my lifesaver every evening since about week 18 of my pregnancy when I started to get the dreaded heartburn.  The milk neutralises stomach acid and really soothes that burning feeling and the reflux that comes with it.  I have a mug every single night before bedtime (approx 2 hours before so I am not busting for a wee all night)  It is a better and cheaper remedy than any medicine!

2.  E45 Original Cream – I have mentioned before that my skin has been a bit of a pickle since I fell pregnant and my usual skin saviours just haven’t been working for me.  Scented moisturisers with complicated ingredients seem to irritate and result in spots, so I felt like I needed to go back to basics and use as little product on my skin as possible.  In steps the nations favourite and trusty E45 cream!  I have been using this instead of my night and day cream, under make up and alone and I have found my skin has been so much better!  Its not irritated, dry or rashy and spots have been much less frequent.  
If you are suffering from similar hormonal skin like mine I would recommend stripping it back and trying a dab of E45

3.  Una Brennan Superfacialist Tea Flower Puryfying Mask – Now this is one product I have been using on my skin that isn’t irritating it in the slightest and I think is actually starting to help it glow!  I have got really into face masks in the last year or so, I find nothing more relaxing than popping one on whilst in a hot bubble bath and reading a book!  Plus i know that its doing my skin some good at the same time!  This clay based mask is not too thick and doesn’t dry out completely, it is perfect for soaking up that excessive oil and drawing out pesky blackheads.  I like the leave mine on for my whole bath and then wash off using clean warm water and a muslin cloth and I feel so fresh and clean after using it

4.  Terrys Chocolate Orange – This is definately my MEGA craving.  I can’t seem to go a day without one which is horrendous!! I have never been a big chocolate eater but this is one thing I have really been indulging in whilst preggo! 

5.  What to Expect The First Year –  I mentioned the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book in a previous favourites post and the second book in the series is just as good!  I have only read around half of the book so far but it has excellent content and a great Q and A ssystem throughout the book to help you through the first year with your little one.  This book should be an essential that the midwives give you when you leave the hospital!!

6.  By Carla Pregnancy Pillow – I have been starting to get the aches and pains every pregnant lady tells you about, and let me tell you, it is no fun!!  Working in an office full time does me no favours as I am often locked into one sitting posistion (possibly with terrible posture) and by the dn of the day my ribs, back and bottom are in agony!  I decided to splash out on a pregnancy support pillow and lucky for me I found one on offer via the Bounty website from By Carla.  Since using it I have been sleeping a lot better and find I can fall asleep easier due to its comfy shape and cushioning under my tummy!

7.  Boots Cooling Headache Pads – I haven’t been suffering from pregnancy headaches anymore but I have been using these as a cool down method in this muggy heat!  Our bedroom is currently south facing so is like a sauna from approx 2pm onwards so these patches have been a cheap and effective remedy to bring my temperature down

8.  NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – My favourites seem to be a lot about skin right now as I think its important to feel like you look great and glowing during pregnancy even if you actually look pretty rough!  This foundation is luxury to the max as it is not cheap but it fakes that glow and covers imperfections completely, whilst staying put on your face and not wearing down or going greasy.  I find all NARS foundations to be quite yellow toned but that’s actually something I quite like in a base as it can make you look a little more tanned than pink toned foundations do, but go careful with your shade selection as you don’t want to look like a Simpson!

What have your pregnancy favourites been??  Do you use any of these products??

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  • Reply Victoriaaa 18/07/2013 at 9:56 pm

    I liked some right random stuff when I was pregnant, for a while I could only stomach potted beef on toast, can't even look at it now! Looking forward to following you on your journey..eek I miss my bump!

  • Reply admin 19/07/2013 at 11:16 am

    That is VERY random!!! Thank you, I will give your blog a read tonight too 🙂 x

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