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Ever since we found out about Harry’s hearing loss we have been on the lookout for products to help him out in any way possible. Top of that list of essentials was something I could sit him in so he was at our level – It’s vital that Harry can see our faces when we’re talking to him to give him the best possible chance of picking up speech, learn how to communicate, and possibly lip read
As he’s still only small (apart from those double chins) and not quite able to sit up unaided a normal high hair wasn’t an option, and that’s when we discovered the Stokke Steps!
The 3 in one system is suitable from birth and perfect for what we needed! The set includes a bouncy seat which is incredibly supportive and springey! It really does have a nice bounce to it without requiring too much effort from that foot you’re using to keep the motion going whilst scoffing down your cold dinner!
It also has a fab little hanger where you can clip on your baby’s fave toy, or drape a blanket to create a little canopy for naps. Speaking of naps, the chair has 4 different posistion a so it can be easy reclined for a snooze!
The bouncer does come with a removable squishy newborn insert that was designed by paediatric physiotherapists (try saying that after a gin or 2) but Harry was too big for that by the time we got him in it
The straps are a great feature for the chair as well as our little monkey is quite the wriggler these days and freakishly strong, so I know he won’t be going anywhere once he’s clipped in!
The bouncer can then be easy attached onto the wooden “steps” to create a highchair that can be used from birth – giving us that all important height that Harry needs! It’s also great for when I’m cooking as Harry can sit and watch exactly what I’m doing instead of just looking up at the ceiling all the time and getting bored! 
I love how easy the whole thing is to assemble, you know when the bouncer is clipped in securely when the red dot turns to green – simples.
As we have started weaning him too I can strap him in and get that food into him without him being able to wiggle away and get his dinner absolutely everywhere! Saying that though if you do get any milky spills or sweet potato mishaps the covers are completely removable and washable
When baby is ready, you can then move onto using the highchair component of the system, again perfect for feeding, especially baby led weaning as it has a big wipeable plastic tray – totally vital!!
When your little one out grows the highchair, unlike conventional ones where you would then store it away for the next baby or sell it on EBay, you can use the wooden frame as a children’s seat! I really love this aspect of the Stokke Steps as you really are getting well over a few years use out of just one product and everyone knows how much kiddies love to be on a “grown up” chair!
This super adaptive mega chair is now a real winner in our house that we can’t live without! We use it every single day and I can’t fault it in the slightest. Harry will even take a nap in the bouncy seat which is unheard of previously for our little man – he will usually only sleep on his tummy, so we know that seat must be super comfy!!
The bouncy seat also folds down completely flat making it portable, we take it everywhere!!
It’s also refreshing to see such stylish looking baby products.. There’s only so much garish rainbow coloured plastic a parent can take!!
The Stokke Steps system is perfect for babies with hearing loss or for littl’ens who require that extra height to feel safe and secure. But really I would recommend the Stokke Steps to any new mum or mummy to be!
Thumbs up Stokke for this ingenious product!!
What’s your favourite baby product? Have you tried the Stokke Steps?
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