The Threenager.

Yeah he looks cute, but as I type this, my three year old is laying screaming at the top of the stairs because he wants to stay up and play.
But of course this isn’t the first argument of the day, no sir.  Let me list the things we have battled over with sir Harry since we woke up this morning..
  • turning our bedside lamp on way before 7am (its Sunday)
  • breakfast.  What he wanted/didn’t want.
  • how the toast was cut
  • I gave him a broken biscuit
  • I gave him the wrong water bottle
  • he spilt some porridge and shouted at me for it
  • his iPad ran out of battery and shouted at me for it
  • he wanted to play with a coral red nail polish
  • he wanted to watch grandad have a wee
  • he covered his face in bum cream and didn’t want it wiped off
  • he wouldn’t eat dinner
  • he was really hungry
  • he didn’t want a bath but wanted a bath
..actually that’s probably only the half of it but I pick my battles.
Threenagers are the most confusing little people I have ever met.  When our kids hit three we get all smug and we’re almost tricked into thinking that crazy year of terrible twos is well and truly over.  Don’t be smug.  The minute Harry turned three he became like a teenage/baby hybrid and on some occasions i may ever describe him as devilish.
Someone wise once told me that boys get a surge of testosterone between 2 and a half and 4 and it pretty much sends them a little cray cray.  If this is true then to be honest I can sympathise as I can be an emotional wreck when hormones hit!  It kind of makes sense as my boy can be bouncing off the walls with happiness one second and in floods of unhappy tears the next over the absolute tiniest of details.
I was so unprepared for three.  I wasn’t ready for the opinions they have, the almighty tantrums they throw or the physical strength they have!
I have made a little video for Channel Mum’s “Why did no one tell me” series if you fancy getting an insight into what the threenager is really like!
Do you have a threenager??
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  • Reply Holly and the littles. 25/02/2017 at 8:23 pm

    I have a threenager lucie! My little girl posey can be so emotional and argumentative at times! Totally relate x

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