The Ultimate Guide to Prenatal Exercise

It’s really no secret that after childbirth a woman’s
bladder is never quite the same.  I have
a long history of bladder “issues” stemming right back to my childhood.  I took medicines, different treatments and I
had a small operation to help said issues, and around a year before I fell
pregnant I was finally free from monthly bladder infections.  Despite this extensive history no one ever
really took into account how this would be further affected by childbirth.  It weakens even the strongest of bladders and
someone really should have pointed me in the right direction when it came to
pelvic floor (kegals) and pre-natal exercise.
Also, I will be the first to admit that the minute I found
out I was pregnant with Harry I immediately put my feet up and “ate for
two”.  I didn’t see or know the
importance of pre-natal exercise until I had a bit of a difficult labour and a
long recovery afterwards.  It also took
longer to get my bod into some sort of normal looking state!  In my next pregnancy (hang on.. don’t get
excited just yet) I 100% plan to eat healthier and to exercise!  I mean it’s not like I will be putting my
feet up with one child already in tow, is it!!?
There is a whole range of benefits from a bit of light
exercise during pregnancy, not just strengthening that pelvic floor or getting
that pre-baby-body back!  This
infographic from HFE pretty much sums it up as well as giving you a range of
exercise’s for each trimester.  It also
gives you advice for using gym equipment and information on when you should
stop exercising, if you experience any unexpected symptom
I found this infographic SO useful as I had no idea that
pre-natal exercise could be so beneficial, I have pinned it to one of my Pinterest
boards for future use!!!

Were you active in your pregnancy??  At what stage did you give up going to the

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