Valentines Gifts for Every Woman

For Valentines we don’t go big in our house but we also
don’t shun the day like some grumpy buggers out there! I don’t see the harm in
having a day dedicated to telling someone you love them, especially after the
year we have just had!  We enjoy
presenting each other with a soppy/funny card and there is usually some sort of
dinner or flowers, chocolate or small gift involved!  Here are some of my favourite present ideas
for the lady Valentine in your life, I’ve tried to include something for

Perfume: I
personally don’t think you can go wrong with buying the one you love a
delicious smelling fragrance.  For some
reason my boyfriend thinks it’s a lame “cop out” present but I am genuinely
over the moon when I receive perfume as a gift and Molecule 01 is my absolute favourite scent EVER.  I instantly know when someone is wearing it,
it’s said to adapt to each person’s natural scent so it smells slightly
different on everyone and it lasts all day and beyond.   Thank you so so much to Corrie for introducing
me to this wonder in a bottle (I actually hate the bottle design though, it
looks so cheap?! But I promise you it smells incredible)
Another oldy but a goody is Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, it’s one of those fragrances that can take you
from day to night and suits everyone
Jewellry: Unless
you’re presenting your special person with that forever diamond then Etsy is the place to shop for
jewellery.  You can find some really
unique pieces at really competitive prices and by buying from Etsy UK you’re supporting
small businesses at the same time. Winning. 
I love these earrings, this ring, this ring  oh and this necklace!
Books: I know its
Valentines but that doesn’t mean you need to give your other half some sort of
soppy love story.. no no no give them a creepy novel about a slightly mental
and stalkerish girl snooping in on people’s houses whilst sat on the
train!  Jokes aside, The Girl on the Train is so awesome for both sexes to read.  It’s a total page turner, one you won’t want
to put down until you find out what on earth the ending will be! Some people
don’t seem to love the ending, but I thought it was brilliant – make your own
judgement before the movie comes out!
If you simply must get that soppy love story I mentioned then
make it Me Before You, it’s probably
the only book that’s made me shed a tear!
Beauty: The woman
in your life will thank you for buying her the ever popular Pixi Glow Tonic.  I’ve been using this religiously since I
received it in my Christmas stocking and I’ve noticed a huuuuuuuge improvement
in my skin tone and surface.  I also
highly recommend Clinique’s Chubby StickHighlighter it really is the stuff highlighter dreams are made of!  It’s so easy to use and the consistency is
creamy and lovely, it makes cheekbones pop!
Tech: Instagram
is by far my favourite social media platform but it’s also made me realise how
many photos I don’t actually print!  This Pocket Photo Printer has
completely changed my game and I’m not printing most of my photos the second
after I’ve posted them in Insta!  Its
small enough to travel with, cheap to run and connects via Bluetooth to your
smart phone, there really is no excuse not to print photos anymore!
For the social media bunny then something that looks pretty
in a flat lay Instagram post is an easy buy! 
My bestest Hannah bought me this gorgeous One Line a Day 5 Year Journal which not only will make a great
Insta photo but I’ve been honestly enjoying filling it in!!  I’ve decided to ask myself a question for
each day so it will be interesting to see how my answers differ over the next
five years!!  These Fairy Lights would be
perfect for photos as well as making your bedroom cosy this Valentines and I’m
obessed with the little Lightboxes spread-eagled all over social media at the moment!  Handy tip: we got ours for a mere £11 in store at The Range (they seem to retail for so much more everywhere else!!!)
If all else fails grab your girl a bottle of the fizzy stuff
(I like Verve) and tell her she looks extra pretty!!

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year??
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