What to Watch Whilst Isolating | What to Watch on TV, Netflix and Sky During Lockdown

Hi guys, I thought I would make a list of 6 programmes I have watched on TV lately that I think you would all really like as well. Since none of us are heading out of an evening, I’m sure we all have a bit more time to fill! Let me know if you watch any of these and what you think!!

Race Across The World: This docuseries follows couples as they literally race across the world to win £20,000! They have a starting country and a finishing country and several checkpoints along the way, and they are not allowed to travel by plane. Its easy watching but we were also totally hooked from the start! Plus its great to watch right now when none of us can travel, we get to see the world through our screens instead! Oh and the best thing about it is there are 2 series available to watch on BBC iPlayer!

The Outsider: All I can say is wow!! We loved this series so much! Its on Sky Atlantic so apologies if you don’t have it, but if you do get involved! The Outsider is a Stephen King series about the investigation into a brutal murder of a child and the mystery surrounding it. Its really dark but I wouldn’t say its too scary

Locke & Key: Now hear me out on this one.. The trailer and the concept of this make it seem like its for kids but it certainly isn’t! Netflix’ Locke & Key is about a mourning family who move to a house called Key house where they come across magic keys that do crazy things, good and bad. Its fantasy but its quite dark and sometimes a bit scary and the ending is such a god cliffhanger!! I cannot wait for season 2.

Britains Best Home Cook: So this BBC cooking competition totally reminds me of the Bake Off and not just because Mary Berry is a judge! It is what it says on the label, the show is trying to find the best home cook. I think its perfect for easy watching but also really apt for the lockdown we are experiencing because we are all doing so much more home cooking!!

Cheer: This is one of those Netflix series that I started on a whim, thinking I would shut it off within minutes to something i physically could not turn off! I binged it within 3 days which never happens for me! Its a docuseries about Naravo towns cheerleading squad but its not cheesy, its nothing like Bring It On and I am telling you you will become obsessed with cheerleading by episode 2!!

Dare Me: This Netflix series is also based around cheerleading weirdly but its fictional. I haven’t actually finished it yet so this is cheating slightly but its so good I couldn’t not include it!! Its based around 3 characters and a cheer squad. 2 best friends, one of which is a total maniac and a bully, the other a nice girl and then a new cheer captain with a lot of dark secrets.

I would love to know what you are watching, let me know in the comments!!

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