15 Weeks Pregnant | 15 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and coping with the current lockdown situation as best you can. It feels absolutely crazy in this world right now and I can’t believe that the majority of my pregnancy will now be spent indoors with just Scott and Harry. I am anxious about what’s to come but I’m also thankful that I still have a while until birth and I am hoping the world is getting back to normal by then. If you are pregnant and worried then please reach out as I would hate to think anyone is feeling alone and scared by themselves right now.

How many weeks? 15 weeks and 4 days

Maternity clothes? Yep my tummy is growing by the day! I defo look pregnant now! I haven’t bought loads, being in isolation as its mostly loungewear daily!! I have done a few orders for summer outfits though in case I can’t get out to get anything before it gets warmer.

Stretch marks? Not yet.  I was very lucky with Harry and I only got a few on my back which faded away over a few years

Sleep? I feel normal now really thank goodness. The extreme tiredness has gone and I am sleeping around 8 hours a night which is perfect.

Best moment this week? I felt flutters when i turned 15 weeks pregnant which felt SO AMAZING! They are very little movements but they are defiantly getting stronger by the day.

Miss anything? I am missing gin and tonic which is really weird because I never drink at home and I rarely drink outside the house either! I think its this homeschooling business.. it makes me feel like I need a drink to relax and unwind!! Does anyone have any non alcoholic alternatives?? I never craved alcohol when I was pregnant last time!!

Food cravings? Still no particular cravings, I just want to eat a lot haha! I guess I am craving more salty things than sweet.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Luckily I am over the sickness stage and it feels great!! So no nothing at the moment.

Gender? Still no idea, but I am STILL convinced its a blue one!!

Symptoms? Not too much thank goodness. Headaches are starting to become more frequent which is annoying.. I had them so badly with Harry. I am also needing a wee every half an hour, it feels like there is pressure on my bladder already.

Happy or moody most of the time? This is tough because of everything going on at the moment! I wouldn’t say I’ve been moody, more anxious and emotional or stressed. But I am also really happy too when I forget everything about coronavirus!

Looking forward to? I have a midwife appointment in 2 days so hopefully that goes ahead as I am looking forward to hearing the baby’s heartbeat!!

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