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Back in the day, early nineties to be precise, school uniforms came in very limited sizes.  I was literally the size of a doll.  I was still in age 2-3 clothing at almost 5 years old and my mum had to search far and wide for a school uniform to fit me.  Every gingham dress and pleated skirt was altered to fit my tiny frame.  These days it seems the norm to need either smaller or bigger items and Marks and Spencer’s have certainly got you covered!

I remember feeling so proud to wear a school uniform.  It felt really smart and important, I felt just like my big sisters.  It took me through some of the happiest days of my life.  Starring in school plays, practicing Spice Girl routines in the playground and through countless games of rounder’s in the summer sun (how great is rounder’s!!?)  It also saw me through detentions, squabbles with friends and dreaded exams, the not so fun times at school.

I’m fully prepared for my little guys uniform to be put through its paces.  It’s going to see him through his first ever week in a school environment.  I’m pretty sure knees will be grubby by the end of the week and paint will be splattered over every shirt but that’s part of the fun of it right?  The M&S polo shirts are also stain resistant and non-iron making them an absolute essential purchase in my eyes.  The trousers are a fashionable but smart skinny fit and don’t even get me started on the adorable PE shorts and t-shirts available – SO cute but brilliant quality.  When I asked Harry what is favourite part of his school uniform was, he said the shorts.  I can see why, they are so comfortable but remain just as smart as the rest of his outfit.

I managed to pick Harry up 4 polo tops, 2 paris of shorts, 2 pairs of trousers and some plimsoles as well as 2 plain white PE tops and PE shorts – all for under £50!!

There is something so emotional about seeing your child in a school uniform.  It really marks the end of an era and there is no way I could get away with calling him a toddler anymore, is there?!

But of course my son is very different from his peers, probably from every child in the entire school.  He is deaf and wears cochlear implants to hear which I suppose is part of his very own unique uniform, and it’s what makes him Harry.  I hope that he immediately feels settled and that his friendship group accept every part of him, including his magic ears

I would love to hear your #LifeIsntUniform stories, feel free to share them with me in the comments below and check out more stories here!

Were you as emotional as me when you first saw your little ones in a school uniform?

**This post was sponsored by the lovely people at M&S but all views and opinions are of course my own

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