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I’m a massive foodie, so getting right what we eat on our wedding day is high on my list of priorities.  I think its also important that the menu reflects the style and theme of the big day and is not just a bog standard wedding breakfast.

I’ve also decided that food-based decisions are one of the best parts of wedding planning!  Screw dress shopping, eatings where its at!

Apart from the eating element of the food tasting it was also a really nice fun part of planning that we did together – it was kind of like having a date day, kid free and with optional drinking involved too!

I’ve mentioned before that we are getting married in a Barn, Ufton Court Tithe Barn to be precise.  So we wanted our style of food to be earthy, organic, almost rustic but hearty and pretty to look at all at the same time.  I didn’t want tiny portions or anything to snazzy, just good tasting well cooked grub.  Its crucial to both of us that we didn’t want our wedding food to be boring or generic, whilst catering for most tastes.

Obviously going for seasonal appropriate menus is a good idea.  PAH I hear you say as you listen to the thunder and lightning and flash flooding mid-august!!  Which is why we did our food tasting exactly a year before we are due to be wed.

We had already decided to go with The Wild Fork as our caterers based on word of mouth and pictures of their scrummy food alone.  Their menus and style just seemed to fit like a glove and we knew we were going to love whatever they presented in front of us.

Sharing Camembert + Meats
King Prawn Cocktail + Avocado Mousse










I mean the pictures really do speak for themselves.  The meat was some of the most tender perfectly cooked meats I have ever tried in my life and every detail was so finely thought out.

Lamb, Sweet Potato Mash, Black Pudding + Cauliflower Puree

Beef Fillet, Crispy Onions + Some sort of amazing Potato


Pork Belly, Purple + Yellow Carrots + an apple gravy

Of course we left The Wild Fork completely stuffed, we both went to bed with headaches from consuming as much as we could before we had to say goodbye!  I actually felt a little sad as we drove away at the thought of that being our first and only wedding food tasting ever!  It really was so much fun!

I’m not going to share with you our final menu choices, soz.  Of course there will be a ton of blog posts after the big day to take care of that, but I would love to hear what you ate on your wedding day!!

Raspberry Creme Brûlée + Mini Madeleines

Chocolate Torte, Meringue + Popping Candy
Deconstructed Eton Mess + White Chocolate + Mint
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  • Reply Frankie 21/08/2017 at 9:45 pm

    The food looks INSANE.. that pork omg!!
    Literally so excited to hear/see all about your wedding once its here 😀

    • Reply Lucie 23/08/2017 at 4:22 pm

      I am so excited for yours too my friend!!!

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