The Little Things #3

I am always banging on about concentrating on “the little things”, those moments that are fleeting and probably would go almost unnoticed  if you didn’t sit back and take note of them.  So I thought I would start a little series on my blog just for those moments.  Sometimes its easy to get caught up doing product reviews and major life updates so its nice to share with you a few photos and things that happen that make me laugh, smile or cry.

Here is today’s, “The Little Things” #3


I spent a couple of days away from my boys and all responsibility really!  Me and my girlfriends took a trip to my sisters caravan down in New Milton, where we enjoyed hot cuppas, dancing at the clubhouse and a walk around Lymington, washed down with lots of Pimms and afternoon tea!  BLISS.


Harry and I went to stay with the lovely Michalaks in Bath.  Grayson and Harry were nuts as usual, running around screaming, banging on the piano and fighting.  Its funny how quickly they cuddled again after squabbling over toys!!

Whilst we were in Bath, Hannah took us to the nicest playgroup ever where you write down the drink you want and they bring it over to you!!  Not only that but it was proper coffee in a proper cup with a saucer – impressive!!


I would love to know what “Little Things” you have noticed with your little ones or your family lately!!
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Please follow & share if you liked this post!

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