A Year of Sound | Harry’s 1st Hearing Birthday

To my darling Harry,

Today, 4th of March 2016 marks your very first “hearing birthday” and my my, how you have changed since that very first sound you heard.  I still can’t believe that 11,000 people have watched your special moment at your big “switch on” on YouTube.  One whole year of listening to mummy sing her silly made up songs, telling you off when you’re naughty and chatting to you about your day.

I always knew you would be my best friend even before I had met you.  When you were fresh and new in my arms I instantly couldn’t imagine a life BH (before Harry) and your colicky cries!  I knew you would be a real mummy’s boy always willing to give me an extra kiss and cuddle for another biscuit.  You absolutely adore your daddy too though, he likes to wind you up just before bedtime with play fighting and running up and down the living room like a loony!  

You are saying so so much now, words like “peppa” “more” “biscuit” and “get down” among so many more, and if you don’t know the word you will sign what you want to tell us.  You also insist profusely on calling me “Lucie” which I think you are now doing on purpose the more I tell you that I am mummy!!! You love to sing along to Frozen and Paw Patrol (at 5.30 in the morning) and lots of annoying songs from random videos you find on YouTube!  Cute!

You aren’t all milk and cookies though.. You have the wildest temper on you that you most definitely get from your Daddy!  You throw a strop at pretty much anything, sometimes resulting in smashing your own head on the floor, throwing things and screeching!  You’re 100% a typical two year old and you know how to play us up and get our blood boiling!!

But the best thing about you Harry is that you are so very kind.  Its the sort of kindness you don’t always see in little ones your age.  Don’t get me wrong you can be one hell of a pickle, you lash out when you’re angry and you struggle with sharing but you will always give an upset child your toy or offer them a few of your precious raisins. You hate to see people upset and you do your best to make them smile, usually by giving them the biggest cheesiest grin or a stroke on the shoulder. You very rarely pass up the chance of giving people a smooch and one of your most used words right now is “cuddle”.  You are ever so friendly and you’ll play with anybody that will have you.  You love to run after the bigger kids, especially your cousins Lily and Issy who dote on your every move!  I’m just waiting for the day that they start to find you annoying and the raging fights begin, but for now I’ll relish in the beautiful relationship you have with them.

In a way I feel so lucky the world decided you would be deaf and that I would be the one to take care of you.  I’ve felt tremendous pain for you, felt so incredibly sad but mostly felt pure happiness and wonder.  You have opened up a whole new horizon for us as a family, we’ve met people we would never have met, done things we would never have had the opportunity to do and ultimately lead us down a path I never imagined we would be walking.  That path has been really really special and actually pretty fantastic and you have had so many people by your side cheering you on every step of the way. 

Don’t be afraid to be different my love, you were born to do something unique and distinctive.  You are going to grow up to do some really amazing things, I can see it in that sparkle in your eyes and I’m so excited to watch it happen.  

Happy First Hearing Birthday Harry, I love you little bug,

Mummy xx

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  • Reply Lara Jarvis 04/03/2016 at 1:31 pm

    He really is the kindest little soul and it's so lovely watching his bond grow with his little buddies. I love watching him and Henry tear around laughing, playing and bundling each other! Happy hearing day beautiful boy xx

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