Harry’s Christmas Eve Box


 have never bought into the idea of a Christmas Eve box.. I thought it was a little unnecessary for children who get so many presents on the big day itself.  However now Harry is starting to understand Christmas and what happens on Christmas Eve I have totally done a full circle and decided its a fantastic idea!  Instead of cramming it with toys, I have just popped in a few essentials that I would have got him for the run up to Christmas anyway, and a couple of things we can do together as we wait for the big guy to pop down our chimney!

Festive Pyjamas (from M&S)
Everyone loves snuggling up in new PJs right?! This two pack from M&S weren’t expensive but are really soft and lovely quality

Christmas Jumper (from Primark)
I couldn’t resist this Primark jumper with its cute 3d carrot nose!! I really hope Harry will want to wear it on the big day!

The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas
I mentioned this in my gift guide video, its a really funny alternative Christmas book for little ones with silly imaginations!  
The Christmas Bear Book
A good classic lift flap book from the illustrators of the Gruffalo!
Christmas Garlands (from Hobbycraft)
I remember making tons of these garlands when I was little so I felt really nostalgic when I picked up a pack in Hobbycraft!  Another little activity for us to do together before bedtime
Chocolate Coins & Chocolate Penguin
Seeing as its Christmas chocolate before bed is allowed!
Reindeer Headband 
The bells on this headband sound exactly like Santa on his sleigh and Harry is going to love running about with this on his head!
Will you be doing a Christmas Eve box?  What is in yours?!
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