The Halfway Mark: To Do List


Half bloody way, how on earth did we get here!?

I am continuously moaning about how slowly this pregnancy has been going but thinking about it now I have no idea how we have already made it past the 20 week mark!  Nuts.
So hitting halfway through my pregnancy actually makes me panic slightly, it feels like there is SO much we need to buy and do.  As with everything in my life the only way I can get things done is with a good solid British list, so here is my to do list for the next 20 weeks!

Decide on and buy nursery furniture – I think we found the set for us this weekend in Mamas and Papas, its a 3 piece set called Sienna and we really like it in white. 
The units will grow with Harry as they aren’t very babyish and the cot turns into a cot bed very easily saving us a bit of cash there.  The top of the changing unit is also removable which turns it into a normal chest of drawers which I love and the wardrobe is really spacious for all of his lovely clothes!
We also need to find a good comfy armchair to use as a nursing chair, we need something cosy and that I can basically fall asleep in!


Decorate Harry’s nursery – We have already decided on a colour scheme which will be light blue, light grey and white, and we are going to have a slight elephant theme!  We have already found loads of cute accessories and I can’t wait to start putting it all together!  I also need to find some good blackout curtains to prevent the little one waking up when the sun rises!!

Buy Harry’s first outfit – We’re going to go shopping and pick a first outfit for Harry.  I am thinking something pure white with a matching hat!

Buy Ewan the Dream Sheep – This was included in my latest wish list here


Start collecting books for the nursery – I keep banging on about it but I really want loads of books for Harry’s nursery so I can read to him as soon as possible.  He will have all the classic books that I loved as a child, The Very Hungry Caterpillar  We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, The Tiger That Came For Tea and The Enchanted Wood

Decide when I am going to leave work – I really need to get organised and fill in my paperwork for when I will be taking my maternity leave.. I haven’t even requested my MATB1.  Its really difficult to decide when to leave as obviously I want as much time at home after Harry is born as possible but I also want a nice relaxing few weeks at home to prepare for his arrival.  I have saved up a few weeks holiday so maybe I will leave 4 – 6 weeks before he is due but we’ll see

Write a birth plan – Birth. Eeek.  I basically know pretty much how I want my birth to go.  I really want an epidural, I am so bad with pain and I don’t want to put myself through it unnecessarily when the option is available to ease it!  I will have Scott and my sister as my birthing partners and my sister is cutting the cord!  I guess I may need to elaborate on my plan a bit but for now that is all I have!  I wasn’t really sure how you even write a birth plan and I am sure most other first time mummys are the same but I found lots of information here and also a blank plan you can print and fill out


Have you made a list of things you need to do before baby arrives??

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