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Being a parenting blogger, one of my most asked questions is what are the most essential items to have in those first few days and weeks. I remember so clearly with everything being new – new baby, new routine, new sleeping habits – there were so many things I never thought I would need and some items that I ended up never using! I thought I was prepared but there are always items you will need.

Here are my top 10 essential items for mum and baby in those first few weeks:


Breast/Maternity pads

I didn’t realise quite how much I would bleed after labour, it was actually quite a shock.  I didn’t have enough maternity pads with me but my midwife was super generous at giving me some lovely extra thick NHS pads!  Of course they are good enough to do the job but you might want to bring a rather large pack of your own so you have the comfort of knowing they are in your bag as and when you need them.  I also teamed mine with disposable pants that I could literally rip at the sides and bin, which I found such a good option as I couldn’t do much bending right away!


Comfy t-shirt

In my head, I was wearing this really glamourous polka dot pastel coloured nightie to give birth in… In reality I had on an NHS gown that didn’t do up properly and exposed my bare bottom!  But post labour I luckily had a navy oversized cotton t-shirt that kept my modesty but was loose and comfy enough to move around in.  I would definitely recommend a couple of tees in dark colours, for obvious reasons and go for comfort over fashion!


Lip Balm

For some reason during labour your lips can become very dry, sore and cracked.  Usually from constant panting, sweating, not drinking a great deal and sucking in that gas and air.  I was constantly reapplying lip balm throughout and it really helped.

Nappy cream

Newborns’ little bodies are sensitive, especially around their bottoms so you want a nappy cream that is going to be super gentle on their delicate skin.  We have always used Bepanthen as our barrier cream and I wouldn’t recommend any other balm.  The tiniest little blob goes such a long way and helps prevent any nasty nappy rashes.  They come in handy little travel sized tubes too that take up next to no space, great for a busy changing bag!



Whether you plan to use them or not, some babies need that sucking comfort of a dummy.  I hadn’t factored this in at all when I had my son and thought we wouldn’t have needed a pacifier, but we really did!  Save your other from rushing out to the nearest shop and bring a sterilized set just in case!



These are optional because of course good old cotton wool and water does the job but I found it very handy to have a pack of newborn suitable wipes to mop up spills as well as for nappy changes.

Sleepsuits and vests

I was surprised how many sleepsuits and vests we went through in just 24 hours at the hospital yet alone the first few weeks, mainly because Harry was quite sicky when he arrived into the world and I actually had to get Scott to bring some extra the next day!  I would go for a variety of sizes between newborn and up to 1 month because you really don’t know how big your baby will be.  Harry barely wore any of his newborn clothing and he came out at 7lbs 14



When anyone asks me what to buy someone as a baby shower gift I often suggest a good quality muslin.  New parents really cannot have enough muslins!  They are great for burping, mopping up sick and spills, using as a breast feeding cover up or even a swaddle..


Baby hat

Babies cannot regulate their temperatures independently until they are around 24 months old so it’s important they are kept warm even if you aren’t feeling particularly cold yourself.  I would always pack at least one hat in your bag for outings so you have it if you need it.



Some may see this as an optional item but I see it as a total essential.  If you are pregnant with your first baby, trust me when I say that you won’t want your birth partner to leave you even for one second whilst you are in the delivery room.  You both need to be fed and watered though so things like energy bars, biscuits, sweets and drinks are great additions to your bag meaning no one has to disappear to forage for food!


There are obviously other items that are essential such as maternity notes, a safe and working car seat, nappies, cameras, chargers, feeding equipment, change for the car park, toiletries and clothes to go home in.


What items did you find essential items for those first few weeks?  I would love to know your additions to my list!

*This post was written in collaboration with Bepanthen https://www.bepanthen.co.uk but all views and opinions are as always honest and totally my own

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