I’m Pregnant!!

Welcome back to my blog!  Long time no see.  Lucie and the Bump is officially back!

I’m writing this from the comfort of my sofa, huge bowl of porridge in hand (my second breakfast) and I am pregnant – eeeeekk!

Finding Out

I feel like this has been the longest couple of months in my entire life.  I found out I was pregnant so early on, around 3 weeks in whereas with Harry I didn’t actually know until I was 8 weeks along!!  I tested early, but my cycles have been all over the place since multiple miscarriages so actually knowing when I should be due on was a total guessing game.

The pregnancy test was positive immediately giving me ALL the emotions.  Frustrating the overwhelming feeling was one of fear.  I was so terrified of becoming pregnant again because I was just so anxious that I would lose another baby.  I literally couldn’t put my mind in any other place other than constantly thinking that this one wouldn’t make it either.

4 Week Scan

Because of my history with ectopic pregnancy I had to notify the early pregnancy unit at my hospital ASAP.  They would need to perform early internal scans to ensure the embryo was in the right place and not sitting in my one remaining tube.  So I went in for a scan but being only 4 weeks pregnant they couldn’t see where the little guy was.  BUT they could see that I had a sac forming and I had ovulated.  GET THIS though… I Actually ovulated from the ovary which has no fallopian tube attached!! So that clever little egg somehow made its way to meet its pals on the other side and got itself fertilised!! I was so emotional about that because I had spent so long being angry at my body for failing me in the past, yet here it was doing me every justice possible and trying its hardest to get pregnant.

6 Weeks Scan

I had an agonising couple of weeks wait for my next internal scan at around 6 weeks, where they managed to confirm that the embryo was in the womb, in the right place and I felt happy for the first time since finding out I was pregnant.  I wasn’t relaxed and I wasn’t letting my mind go any further than that day but I had gotten over that first hurdle.  It was so amazing but as you can see from the picture, it was a teeny tiny little thing, around the size of a sesame seed!   But we did get to see a very strong heartbeat flashing away in there which was so incredible to see.  They signed me off from the early pregnancy unit and handed me over to go for the usual scan when I was 12 weeks-ish

Worries & Anxieties

Understandably I have found it such an anxious and worrying time.  Everyday I would wake up and grab my boobs to make sure they still hurt and look at my tummy to make sure it was still hard and bloated.  I have had a feeling of dread all of the time which I have tried to push to the back of my head but I was just so convinced that this baby wouldn’t make it and I would miscarry once again.  I didn’t know if my heart could take it so I wouldn’t really talk about the future with a baby or even allow myself to think about it very much.  However as the weeks crept up and I made it into double figures I found myself relaxing little by little

Feeling VERY Pregnant

I am ALREADY out of my jeans.  I can just about do them all up but they are far too tight and uncomfortable, which I actually remember with Harry.  I think because I am quite slight and wear my jeans too small and high waisted then straight away my belly pops out and its all too taught!! At first a lot of it was definitely bloating and (sorry TMI) constipation!

I have been eating SO much.   I really don’t remember being this ravenous with Harry but I am literally having 6 meals a day!!  I have 2 breakfasts without doubt, usually coco pops and then porridge.  But if I don’t eat I will throw up.

I have felt sick constantly.  ITs been non stop and all day.  Whoever came up with “Morning sickness” is some sort of joker because its not just one part of the day!!  I tried everything for sickness, travel wrist bands, ginger tablets, biscuits, tea you name it but I couldn’t shift the nausea unless I was stuffing my face!!

But all in all I am just so happy.  I can’t wait to be mum to a little baby again, and to see my bump grow!

Are you pregnant??  I would love to have some bump buddies again this time around!

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